uhhuh nicotine and arsenic
nicotine and arsenic

my name is pete and you probably shouldn't bother trying to get to know me.

my rat is the only living thing i will ever truly love and i have a mildly unhealthy obsession with morrissey.

i like weed and dead things.

now fuck off.

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hey, sorry for my sudden disappearance. life’s been crazy and i’ve been really sick lately, supposed to have surgery soon, and in the midst of all that i seem to have lost my muse. i’m sorry for not letting you guys know sooner but i think i’m gonna have to drop the group. thanks for having me even though the time was so short :’)


@ t-estaburger :

Pete didn’t know how he’d managed to be so unfortunate. Then again, it seemed to be a running theme in his life that people would go out of his way to make him as miserable as possible. At least, that was how he saw it, and so obviously that was exactly how it was.

The cause for his misery this time? His locker.

Well, they do say misery loves company, and in this case his company was a bubbly teenaged girl in the form of Wendy Testaburger.

Yes, Pete Mellencamp was the luckiest man alive getting a locker right next to that of the most popular girl in school, by his understanding. He didn’t keep up much with the social standings of his peers.

And so every day that he bothered to show up to school at all he got to listen to her gossip about things he didn’t give a shit about as he switched out his books, heard more about her life than she probably realized, and it all grated on him. It built silently, festering until he could hardly stand it anymore, until it was all he could do to keep from snapping at her to shut up, just shut up, because no one gave a single flying shit.

Mostly he would just slam his locker shut as loudly as possible and shoot her a glare before stalking off to his next class.


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Get to Know The Mun

Name:  devin

Nicknames: dev (pls call me dev)

Height:  5’3” im short wow

Relationship status: very very happily taken!!!! (:

Orientation:  queer as shit (pan)

Birthday: 10/30

Favorite colour: indigo

Favorite singer/band: say anything

Last song listened: idk

Last movie watched: but i’m a cheerleader

Favorite book: too many wow

Last book read: valiant by holly black

Currently reading: ironside by holly black

# of siblings: 2

# of pets: 1

Best school subject: english!!

Mac or PC? i flip a lot but i currently am using a mac

Cell phone type:  idk it’s shitty tho

Current shirt color: red plaid

Gamer?: i only play nintendo B)

Day or night?:  day

Summer or winter?: summer!

Most-visited website?: tumblr and cherubplay

Celebrity crushes: don’t really have any

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